Task 4: Setting

I know these pictures aren’t that nice but they give a general idea to some of my settings and plot. There are many many more settings I should have put but I’ll only put three for now since I’m too lazy to do all of them. All of them as in over hundreds.

Beginning: In the start of the story the setting takes place in the past where there is a major war between darkness and the other elements ( Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Metal). The war lasted centuries until one glorious day the darkness that was release from the realm was sealed again… and millenniums passed.


Task 3: Title and Logo

This is my Logo and Title!!

Task 2: About the Author

This is me~

My Pen name is S.G.A.B

My horoscope zodiac is the PISCES

I don’t have a favorite Genre, I just like anything that is unique or seems good to me!

My Hobbies Manga, Anime and ALsooooo Strategy games.

Something freaking about myself would be that I like a AMAZING GIRL WHO IS PERFECTLY IN EVERYWAY AND LOVES FROGS


Task 1: Getting a General Idea

THE FORGOTTEN TALE – A Boy who doesn’t know his name, birth and his country, will become the void.

Rated T– for teens

Genres – Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural and Romance.

Theme – To put this SIMPLE it is Magical monsters + Humans using magic and GREAT POWERFUL SWORDS